Kodar Academy Welcomes Future Talents with Java and JavaScript in Plovdiv

We are eager to share that Kodar Academy is open again for programming students and beginners from Plovdiv and the region. Our company is looking for motivated young talents who need a kickstart in their career in the field and who can face the challenge of working on a real project in a competitive environment from day 1 of the academy.

The best part? You will be working side by side with great mentors and will be paid for the entire 6-month internship period.

If you want to know more about this great opportunity, meet Martina Ilieva and Nikola Nikolchov, who are among the successful graduates from Kodar Academy’s previous editions.

A Great Chance for Beginners

Few are the opportunities in the sector that will give so much meaning to your work from the first day of your internship. As front-end developers, Nikola and Martina have been aware of their own significance for the team and for Kodar’s clients since the very beginning of their journey with us.

I came upon the academy during my third year at the university while studying Software Technologies and Design. For me, it has been the first attractive career opportunity in the field and the best choice I could have made so far.” – shares Martina.

I was looking for an upskilling opportunity and for a stable career in programming when I met my future colleagues at Kodar. This is how the first edition of the Kodar Academy was created and now it is among the most attractive opportunities for the young in IT from Plovdiv and the region.” – adds Nikola.

Martina Ilieva, Kodar Office in Plovdiv
Martina Ilieva, Junior Front End Developer

Real Added Value for Participants

Nikola Nikolchov
Nikola Nikolchov, Junior Front End Developer

Learning by doing is the approach we share at Kodar. What we offer to interns in our academy is not just knowledge, but also the real challenge of working on tasks and projects for our clients.

The first edition of Kodar Academy was a chance to dive into a real project led by 4 mentors of ours and to get real insights into the work environment, project management, and stakeholder management.” – tells Nikola.

I can remember how every single day of the academy was bringing to us new challenges and responsibilities and probably this is what shaped us as a great team so quickly. I am also thankful for the chance to work with these great mentors who were really passionate to give and support us.” – admits Martina.

Simply do it!

You might be asking yourself whether this is the right option for you or whether you will cope with all the tasks and projects during the program. Both Martina and Nikola have been there, too, but they have been brave enough to try and will never regret it. 

I strongly recommend that all interns stay motivated and take the most out of their participation. Thanks to Kodar and the great team behind the academy, you have a unique chance for a successful career launch in front-end programming.” – believes Martina

It won’t be easy, but I truly believe that everyone can become a developer, once they work hard enough. Be active, be curious, and just do it! Take advantage of the mentors at your disposal whose main goal is to make you learn, grow, and outperform.” – adds Nikola

Note that Kodar Academy begins on 3rd of July. Make sure you send your application on time and select your preferred technology: React, Node.js, or Vue.js, Python.