Kodar Academy 2023

Push the boundaries of your career in IT and develop the skills of tomorrow with us!

About Kodar Academy for Plovdiv IT Talents

Here is what we call an opportunity: the chance to gain meaningful knowledge and grow your experience in programming during a paid internship in a company that is riding the innovation wave!

We know that the first step in building a career is the toughest one, so let’s take it together!

Kodar invites IT talents in Plovdiv with basic knowledge in Java, JavaScript (React, Node.js and Vue.js) and Python to a 6-months’ challenge that will turn them into junior professionals and Kodar’s full-time employees.

We are kicking off Kodar Academy in early July 2023. Learn more about it and sign up until 15.06

Our company, Kodar, specializes in providing outsourcing services in software solutions to our partners with long-year expertise across various architectures and technologies.

As part of Strypes Group, we are partnering with multiple business organizations worldwide, as well as with a number of educational institutions in Plovdiv to support the development of the region as a popular technology and IT destination and a source of talents with great potential in programming.

Who is Kodar Academy for?

We are welcoming students, recent graduates or professionals from Plovdiv and the region who want to further gain knowledge and develop a career in the IT world. What is most important to us is to meet candidates who are inspired to learn and grow and to make a meaningful contribution with their work.

Kodar Academy will be held on-site at Kodar’s office in Plovdiv with an 8-hour working day schedule for the period of 6 months.

Why Kodar Academy?

  • Paid internship from day 1 of the Academy
  • Employment contract
  • Mentorship by experienced Kodar team members
  • Become part of Kodar’s operational teams during the internship period
  • Ability to gain valuable insights into specific languages and technologies and put them in action
  • Chance to join Kodar as a full-time employee after the program ends
  • Free participation for all candidates

Kodar Academy starts on 3rd of July 2023 and is open for talents with Java and JavaScript backgrounds. Are you in for this challenge?

Apply for the Academy by filling in the form below:

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